Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review


Touch Chesi Chudu Expected Routine Story

Story :

Karthik (Ravi Teja) leads a peaceful life in Pondicherry looking for a potential wife. During the same time murder of an activist happens which is witnessed by his sister. What happens when the killer takes Karthik back to his past life as Karthikeya, the very hot-headed cop and how he terminates the problem is what the movie is all about? .


*Ravi Teja Action Sequences, Comedy,Dialogues.
*First half


*Routine story
*Second half

Technicians :

  • Production values from Nallamalupu Bujji Spent lot of money with Lavish rich Look with Topnotch
  • Visuals.Special mention to the Cameraman as he has showcased the fights Sequences.
  • Editing is below average.
  • The screenplay is Good during the second half it gets bored.
  • Music by Pritam and Jam 8 is decent as a couple of songs sound well.
  • Mani Sharma’s BGM is quite impressive.

Director Vikram Sri has missed the Oppurtunity to showcase the raviteja, his Work is not upto the Mark. Even though he adds some decent moments during the first half, he narrates the actual story only during the later part. There too, he drags the film during the last twenty minutes. One good fight and mass episode makes the movie more Interesting…


On the whole, Touch Chesi Chudu is a raviteja’s another average movie. Dont expect anything new in story, Same old routine story from mass maharaja. boring first half, and second half with few massive action sequences with comedy elements.Touch Chesi Chudu ends up withbelow average talk . onetime watchable with funloaded entertainment with PowerPack action.

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