#RIP – #Naresh Chinna – Facebook suicide posts

Suicide Posts – #Lovefailure #Train #GirlCheated

HIs name is  Naresh. Chennai lo oka SOFTWARE COMPANY lo job chesthunadu.. 4 YEARS nuchi “swetha” ane ah ammayi tho LOVE  lo unaduu. asusally she said that  “my parents are not accepting our love, so better ” leave me alone . but naresh loved her truely.

Monday (august-7 ) on the రాఖి day 

He posted a note on facebook regarding what was happen to him ? why he is doing suicide ? check this out below image.. the pain of love failure boy …

AND,finally telangana state Mancherial village AUGUST-7  he posted  this on facebook and COMMITED SUICIDE  near railway track….

Ammayi vadhilesindhi ani nuv suicide cheskunav.
ipudu Nv chanipoyavu  mi amma nanna em avutharo alochinchava ledhuuu..
Ayina ammayi kosam chanipovadam enti brother.. ammayilu passing clouds lanti valuuu ….
Amma nanna mana life lo permanent ga untaru ..ammayilu kadhu bro..
Vala intlo love matter teliyan antha varaku manalini  love chestharu bro ..
once matter leak ayaka intlo ado oka story chepi side aye potharu bro…!
Manam mathram picholla vala kosam life long wait chesthuuu  ila chachipotham…
Ipudu nv poyav bro ..mi Intlo amma nana valu em avutharu chepu nuv thapa valaki inka yevaru unaruu.
#Love_lo fail_ithe_life_poinattu_kadhu bro…
#manalni_epdu_preminche_amma_nnannalu_untaru .. life long mana tho untaruuu
#NOTE:- specially for some girls ” Andhari ammailu kosam kadhu..Ila hand ichey Ammaila kosam chepthuna “

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