Renu Desai Fires on Her fANS about Second marriage Rumour, Reply ON FB haters@Pawankalyan


Renu Desai Fires on Her fans about Second marriage@Pawan kalyan fans,Renu Desai fitting reply on FB Hatres……

Renu Desai has finally opened up about her marriage. She wants to marry again. The ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan has returned to Hyderabad city after a gap and she is judging a reality dance show on Telugu small screen. She has two kids with Pawan Kalyan.

t has been five years since actor Renu Desai and actor-politician Pawan Kalyan got a divorce. Pawan Kalyan also has gone on to remarry. In the minds of many however, Renu is still expected to be “loyal” to her ex-husband.In an absurd turn of events, Renu Desai now finds herself to be the target of social media hate because she mentioned in an interview to a Telugu channel that she may remarry.


The actor has got messages such as “How can you marry again? I hate you” and “You will lose our respect”from angry Pawan Kalyan fans. Renu has been receiving these messages ever since her recent TV interview in which she said that she may consider finding a partner since she felt lonely.

When the anchor asked if she was seeing someone, Renu replied, “Presently I don’t have anyone. If God sends someone, I probably will move on.”

Ironically, Pawan Kalyan has married thrice so far and his marriage with Renu was for the second time.

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai parted ways in 2012. Following the divorce, Pawan married Anna Lezhneva, a Russian model.

This post is not about me personally, but when I read such comments, I wonder what sort of society we live in.

“I pray to God today, I sincerely pray to God today that Ee desam lo ammayila future bagundaalante, mahilale vaalla kodukulanu paddhatiga penchaali. Appudaina magavaalla mindset lo maarpu vasthundhemo…” she posted on Facebook as the clsing remarks of her post.

She is currently one of the judges for the dance based reality show Neethone Dance.

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