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if you check out with the teaser & trailer.. you can recollect number of story based on this format love story… sequences. like arya.. arya-2… etc…

Review —


Uma Maheshwara Rao (Nani) and Pallavi (Nivetha) are the kid and young lady in this romantic tale.

A very much adjusted love, something that could have advanced into glad marriage. Yet, life happens and Uma migrates to Delhi on a vocation opportunity against Pallavi’s desires. Pallavi’s folks play out their parental obligation scanning for the ideal prepare, the NRI Arun (Aadi Pinisetty).

Unwilling to upset Uma’s vocation objectives, Pallavi weds Arun and moves to Bay Area, USA. Our kid, Uma wears the part of Devadasu, looking for the organization of liquor. In the long run destiny mediates and Uma handles an occupation in Los Angeles, USA. Now the story advances typically, as Pallavi coming to know about Uma’s enslavement, tries her best to persuade him to quit pining for her and move on.

Regardless of her endeavors, Uma keeps on trusting that she is miserable with her wedded life; how might she be her most joyful when she is not with him – the person who cherishes her the most. Now, the motion picture brings an intriguing turn with Pallavi and Arun welcoming Uma to live with them for a couple of days. Or maybe outraging, yet all around advocated as the film advances. Things being what they are, was Pallavi truly content with her hitched life or was Uma’s sorrow approved?


Demonstrated once more is the way that, choosing the ideal stories easily falls into place for the ‘NATURAL Star’ Nani. His execution in this motion picture is choice, the peak scene unquestionably a profession highlight. His comic planning and the enthusiastic scenes are great. The female lead, Nivetha Thomas, is an advantage for this film. Her capacity to depict the feelings by means of her eyes are in addition to point, something that won’t go unnoticed in this motion picture. Aadi Pinisetty packed away a not too bad part with getting assigned as the ‘courageous woman’s better half’. Murali Sharma, Prudhvi did well in their parts as Pallavi’s relatives.

about direction & screenplay

Debutante Director Shiva Nirvana prevailing with regards to conveying a perfect film.

‘Ninnu Kori’ is a tasteful film with a moderate paced first half and a quickly advanced second half.

The principal half could have exhibited better love scenes amongst Uma and Pallavi. Whatever remains of the film feels sufficiently pragmatic with rich stream of feelings. Solid discoursed, pleasant tunes, rich visuals involving 65-70% of the film in the USA mean make a decent motion picture.

The tunes ‘Unnattundi Gunde… ‘, ‘Adigaaa Adigaa… ” are satisfying. Kona Venkat’s scored after quite a while with a flawless screenplay. Prawin Pudi’s altering is fresh as he proficiently trimmed the motion picture run time to 2hrs 15 mins while keeping together the film uprightness. Gopi Sundar’s music is an ideal accomplice to the motion picture subject. Great creation esteems from DVV Entertainments and Kona Film Corporation.


  • Nani, Nivetha’s ADHI acting
  • compare to old love story this would be new twist love story..
  • second half
  • adiga adiga song…
  • picturization..editing…cinematographer…


first half  slow narration…..!


Do watch the movie with your family…
girls if you have boy friend go with him..
boys if you have girl friend go with her…
and finally watch the movie for nani…!





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