Justice For Sreejith

767 Days Of Protest : Sreejith has been in strike for more than 767 days infront of Secratriate of KERALA for justice,His brother was killed in police custody #JusticeForSreejith.

Sreejith’s brother died while in police custody died on May 21, 2014, in a Thiruvananthapuram hospital.. Sreejith says he will only end his protest when the CBI takes over the case.


He has been protesting outside the kerala secretaraiat for 767 days,demanding justice for his younger brother, who was killed in police custody. In his lone battle,it is a grey bag that has been with him from day 1. the bag which he carried all the documents related to his brother sreejeev”s death.

Sreejeev Death Details

  • Sreejeev was tortured and killed in police custody May  21, 2014, and is demanding an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation . Sreejeev was picked up by the Parassala police case against him was allegations of theft.
  • 2 days after he was taken into custody on charges of theft. Sreejith said that the police took Sreejiv to the police station the day before a woman he was believed to be in a relationship with was getting married.
    Sreejith said that this was done at the behest of the woman’s relative, who was a policeman.
  • According to the police, Sreejeev committed suicide by consuming poison but Sreejith alleges that the police murdered his brother.
  • The Circle Inspector Gopakumar and additional sub-inspector Philippose, and civil police officers Prathapachandran and Vijayadas had assaulted Sreejiv and given him to drink poison.. The Police Complaints Authority also said that these policemen had the support of two civil officers.
  • The former chairman of the authority, Justice Narayana Kurup, reiterated the findings and says “Sreejiv died in police torture during his custody,” he told reporters in Kochi. “Sreejith and his mother Ramani got Rs 10 lakh as compensation from the state government and appropriate punishment for the culprits.”
  • In November, Sreejith received a communication from the Home department, informing him about a CBI inquiry into Sreejeev’s death. But it came to light just this week that the CBI had refused to probe Sreejeev’s death and had informed the Kerala government on December 12, 2017.

JusticeForSreejith: Social media Support & Massive Rally in Thiruvananthapuram.

Celebrities Response ::

Nivin Pauly – 13 January- posted @ Facebook.
762 days of anguish! It’s heartbreaking to see this. Sreejith deserves to know the truth
behind the death of his brother. Just like every individual in this country, Sreejith deserves justice, so does his family! I am with you on this brother! A big salute to your one man fight! #JusticeForSreejith.

Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas also took part in the rally and met Sreejith.

Tovino said that he was there to extend his support to Sreejith, since his “cause was genuine.” “I came to know about Sreejith’s protest a couple of days ago. I realise I came to know of it late, but nevertheless, I am here today to support him. This young man has been sitting here for the past 700 odd days, in a peaceful protest. A person wouldn’t do that without a genuine cause. If more people would know of Sreejith’s struggle because I have come here, let it be.

“We want justice” SLOGAN – Thousands of people thronged the streets of Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday morning, as they came out in support of Sreejith, who has been protesting outside the Secretariat for the past 765 days.

After a news channel reported on Sreejith’s incident , political parties were also their to protest on Saturday.

However, a parallel social media campaign had also started got huge response from public , as word spread about Sreejith’s perseverance.

social media pages shared Sreejith’s struggle and urged people to not end their solidarity with social media campaigns, but to urge the public representatives to speak up for Sreejith and ensure to get justice.

On Sunday morning, among the slogans heard at the protest venue, was “We want justice” being chanted loud and clear, promising Sreejith all their support.

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