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Jai Lava Kusa 

Starring : Jr. NTR, Posani Krishna Murali, Pradeep Rawat, Nivetha Thomas, Hamsa Nandini, Abhimanyu Singh
Director: K. S. Ravindra

Written by K. S. RavindraWritten by K. S. RavindraKona VenkatK. Chakravarthy
Music by : devisriPrasad
Cinematography-Chota K. Naidu
Editor-Kotagiri Venkateswara RaoThammi Raju
Production company -N.T.R. Arts
Duration: 2 hrs 35 mins

” Gelichina vaadiki unde gurthimpu Gelipinchina vadiki undadhu ”

#jai-Asurula Chakravarthi, Laknadhipathi, Ee Ravanasurudu. Ghattam Yedhainaa, Pathra Yedhaina.. Nenu Re..Re..Ready…
#jai-Aaa Ravanunni Sampalante Samudram Daataala, Eee Ravanunni Sampalante Da Da Daaa Dhairyam Vundala, Vundaaaa..
#Lava Kumar -Manchithanam adhi pusthakallo vunte patam avuthundhi manalo vunte guna patam avuthundhi …
#kusa – Kotteyadam Tho Paatu Kottadam Kuda Vachhu Raa…

Story :
Jai, Lava and Kusa – as kids perform in mythological dramas with his uncle posani krishna murali . he differentiate Jai for his making stutter sounds on stage by this act jai develops grudge on his two brothers . he himself felt insulted and sets fire to the entire stage. As a result, attempt the three brothers get separated in that accident.
Afte a long gap 20 years later, each one of the brothers thought that remaining two brothers are dead. But Lava and Kusa coincidentally meet in a accident.
Lava as a bank manager, who is helpful person by nature, he indulges with an scam.so, Kusa who is a theif, helps out Lava to resolve his brother’s problem. At that point Ravana aka Jai makes a entry in the interval bang. jai as a gangster in Berhampur of Odisha – Jai aspires to contest in Lok Sabha elections.
so if he want to achieve his goal, he portray his plans and executed by kidnaps his brothers from Hyderabad and gets them to Odisha.
Rest of the story is about how Ravana established ? How he uses his two brothers helps out political ambitions?

Technical departments :

  • Dialogues are written by Kona Venkat/Bobby are impressive and quite good.
  • ‘NTR Arts’ known for best technical values . primarily technical values whole package lacks were not up to the mark, Secondly the art work lacked in presentation.
  • Cinematography, editing dept ,VFX teams ,sound dept must be appreciated for handling triple roles experimental movie.
  • DSP-Rock STAR – MUSIC & BGM & RR are highlight for elevating scenes…

Highlights :

  • #JaiLavaKusa starts with  introducing characters three roles Jai, Lava and Kusa child characters playing stage act..
  • key role for jai character his uncle Posani krishna murali [ he gets insulted every time due to his stammering negative character and eventually tries to kill his brothers in a cylinder blast.]
  • these three brother get seprated when they were kids.
  • Kusa entry with Dochestha song. energetic performance moves in dancing style.
  • Kusa and lava meets in accident. identifying each other as a brother . Innocent Lava explains  his struggle as a bank manager to Kusa.
  • Kusa helped lava as a fraud cheating scam  that happened in the bank loan. At the same time  kusa as a thief, wants to exchange the stolen cash using Lava’s  job role of bank manager  due to the demonetization effect and as also help in his love story with rassi….
  • Tring Tring song is a eye feast  treat from Tarak to his fans.
  • #jai Ravaaan makes his entry with a fight sequences.
  • Overall it is predictable story of first half -More on FUN &  entertainment and less on emotional .Jai kidnapping his brothers Lava and Kusa. from here onwards story starts in second half to be more exicted.
  • second half started with Jai  loves story he want  to convince his love interest  on Niveda Thomas and his political entry to convince people by using  his brothers Lava and Kusa sympathy & innocence.
  • Raashi Khanna looks fresh on screen, same with Niveda Thomas to.. they were best at their roles.
  • A big treat for the masses Fans – as Tamannah.  did a special song- Swing Zara Swing Zara.
  • stage act scene is higlighted were  Lava and Kusa trying to convince Jai to reunite. best scene for the movie..
  • Main asset for the movie Posani role in the begining of the movie and he comes back towards the pre-climax sequences.
  • Jai saves his brothers, reveals his love towards them. Twist to Jai character in the climax.

Plus Points :

  • First 15 minutes it seems boring when characters like jai lava kusa introduced fun & entertaining throughout till the end.
  • JAI character stands outstanding  KUSA character entertains in ADURS style.
  • Director Bobby worked hard for this three roles in execution. dailouges , comedy timing , action sequences, Dance ,sentiment.

Minus Points :

  • second half story drags Climax is to emotional & sentiment drama between the brothers..
  •  picturization is minus unsinkable to the story.

Final Verdict:

The eagerly awaited Dusheera season is RE..RE..READY with grand release of NTR’s highly anticipated emotional drama #JaiLavaKusa, which has directed by bobby. NTR is playing a triple role for the first time. He will be seen playing a bank manager, as a theif and a gangster in the film. #jai character is highlighted as usally lead role  heroines Nivedha Thomas and Rashi Khanna are superb … action sequences… mythological dramas scenes are major plus point …..
one – time-watchable movie for movie lovers… but for fans it”s a treat and blo…blo…blockbuster hit …

Ghattam Yedhainaa, Pathra Yedhaina.. Nenu Re..Re..Ready…

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