These are top websites were you can download the softwares for free. yes, this are free software that you can download on your PC without spending money. These websites allow users to download full version of software for free. Although you won’t get all software free of cost , but most of software can be downloaded in full version free of charge. but you won”t get every software full version for free,but Most of the softwares are available on these websites. The other important aspect about these sites is that…

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Alert! Uninstall CCleaner app, your SmartPhoneS & PC can be damaged immediately For Security Purpose


If you are also using your SMART PHONES & PC , these apps, then please uninstall CCleaner For Security Purposes.. If you are also using the CCleaner software in your smart phone, be careful because hackers have broken the CCleaner’s security and injected the virus into it. These viruses can harm your smart phone and PC. England’s security company Piriform has issued a warning about it. According to the company, the virus has been attacked on CCleaner. This virus can harm the users’ computers and Android smartphones using this software.Hackers made…

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Good byE “PAINT” no longer we will see in Windows 10 update.

windows 10

The popular Windows operating system, Microsoft Windows, has decided to remove the paint application in its next Windows 10 update.   Important Points to be Noted :- Microsoft Windows is one of the most creative in the computer world . The company recently introduced Windows 10 in the Windows operating system. Some things have changed, including the menu options, which were felt in Windows 8, the last operating system. It was made more flat and safer than the previous model. Windows 10 was introduced with the initiative to retain its…

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