BOLLYWOOD Queen Kangana Ranaut -“SIMRAN” Offical Trailer is Out Now

Directed by-Hansal Mehta

Written by-Apurva Asrani

Produced by-Bhushan Kumar,Krishan Kumar,Shailesh R Singh,Amit Agarwal.



Hansal Mehta twetted

The indefatigable spirit of #KanganaRanaut as Praful Patel in #Simran.

Kangana Ranaut is addicted to gambling and stealing now suffering from split personality disorder ….

She plays a kleptomaniac role [ has a mental disorder that compels the person to steal. Unlike a shoplifter, who will steal an item he or she wants or needs, a kleptomaniac steals for the thrill of stealing, often taking items that have little or no value.]
said that she has playing has two character flaws – gambling and stealing and makes it clear that “ladke patana” is a talent, not a flaw.

“Boyfriend hona koi character flaw nahi hai. Ladke patana toh talent hota hai “

this is a true story is inspired by the story of Sandeep Kaur.
who is as of now serving in jail facility term in the US, because of her infamous bank heists. In the wake of taking part in gambling and stealing a great deal of cash, Sandeep’s failure to pay off the obligations brought about her falling back on theft.

SIMRAN – 15 September 2017




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