Alert! Uninstall CCleaner app, your SmartPhoneS & PC can be damaged immediately For Security Purpose


If you are also using your SMART PHONES & PC , these apps, then please uninstall CCleaner For Security Purposes..

If you are also using the CCleaner software in your smart phone, be careful because hackers have broken the CCleaner’s security and injected the virus into it.


These viruses can harm your smart phone and PC. England’s security company Piriform has issued a warning about it. According to the company, the virus has been attacked on CCleaner. This virus can harm the users’ computers and Android smartphones using this software.Hackers made virus attack on CCleaner app, security of users in danger.


Significantly, the CCleaner software has more than 2 billion people downloaded it. CCleaner’s Honor Company Avast believes that this attack has affected 22 million users.

Let CCleaner be a cleaning app, through which adrood phone users and windows PC users clean up unnecessary junk files.

What is CCleaner ?

CCleaner’s Cleaning App? Through this, adrood phone users and windows PC users clean unnecessary junk files. It is used as an entry-virus. According to TechCrunch , CCleaner’s 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191 version has a virus attack.

What does this malware do ?

This malware stole the user’s information like IP address, computer name, list of softwares and network place etc. As well as information about credit card and security etc. According to preform, this malware has so far attacked 2.27 million computers. These include computers with 32 bit windows.

Can the smartphone be attacked ?

Many users use the CCleaner app in smartphones. But not all users need to panic. If your phone has 5.33.6162 version of this app then you may have trouble. Uninstall it immediately. This can steal your information.

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